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Motorhome rentals available in South Africa

Motorhomes in South Africa vary from small 2 berth vans which are equipped for just sleeping and some cooking to big 6 berth vehicles which are a home away from home. As a general rule, the price rises with the size of the motorhome, so weigh up benefits against cost when choosing the right motorhome for your trip. South African rental suppliers also offer a range of 4WD motorhomes for those wishing to venture into safari areas and reserves.

2 Berth

2 berth vehicles are more likely to be called campervans, and are common in the southern hemisphere and amongst the more adventurous road trippers. Essentially just converted vans, these have very limited facilities, often only a bed and a simple gas stove. They are great for those on a budget, and intrepid travellers who want to get to meet new friends by using the shared facilities at campgrounds.